Discover the world, right from your desktop.

What is AirShot?

AirShot is a menu bar application that automatically sets an aerial image as your desktop wallpaper. It’s up to you to either use your own location or a random location in the world.

Menu options

My location

Discover your surroundings from a new perspective. AirShot will use your location to set the desktop wallpaper. Your wallpaper will change accordingly if you travel to a new location.

Random location

Don’t want to use your location? AirShot will choose a random location in the world to set the desktop wallpaper. This offers a unique way to discover our planet.

We don’t mess with your data

All data is requested exclusively using Apple services. We do not send any data to third parties. Also, we do not store any data, in fact, we don’t even have access to it: your data stays yours.

AirShot logo

Get a bird’s-eye view of the world.